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We updated each brand's plans and pricing and added new star rankings to mirror the changes. We optimized the website pages to make it easy for scannability so you can discover the right business plan tool for your business.

  • 30 Hires
  • 7+ Mobile App Development
  • Top Ranking SEO Company
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TekGro creates mobile-friendly software for smartphones and digital assistants, most commonly for Android and iOS.

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TekGro works 24/7 to create effective websites on both the server and client sides.

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TekGro believes in a cost-effective and results-focused dynamic digital marketing strategy for your business.

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TekGro assists companies in optimizing their IT infrastructure and reaching their business objectives with determination.

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Tekgro creates dynamic graphic designs, including elements like typography, colors, shapes, and illustrations.

UI/UX Designing

TekGro creates a better user experience for our customers and solves user-centric problems.

How Tekgro Works

Our experienced staff handle servers & clients on both sides effectively. We build a marketing strategy to help your business brand and gain traffic.

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We adopt different technologies with various methods, techniques, skills, and processes to make a work or task easy. We are rigged with updated technical knowledge to serve our customers properly. Our main target is creating abundance, doing work fast, and searching for new dimensions.

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I chose TekGro Nepal after two unsuccessful attempts to increase traffic on my website. A trick used by TekGro staff helps in setting a web page in the top list of google search engines starts from understanding user intent and publishing high-quality content that will match user intent.

Sumina Maharjan


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